Seven important steps in finding a General Contractor


  1. Find a fully licensed and insured Contractor.

To execute a project of any capacity, and of which you desire excellent works done – you must avail yourself with topnotch qualified general contractors that are not just skilled at the service but also that are licensed and insured. A general contractor that is insured & licensed means they have the approval and locus-standee to operate in that line of business and simply means they will uphold rules and regulations of the job. An insured and licensed contractor is a pointer for your projects to be handled professionally and with regards to contract term fulfillment.

  1. Conduct a phone interview to discuss qualifications.

Once you have made a list of general contractors you wish to hire for your projects, the next step is to make an appointment to discuss the contractor’s qualifications. This will help you to decide appropriately if it is the right firm to work with. This is a simple phone call approach to the contractors on the list and once you have had exhaustive but detailed chat with them – you stand the best at making your final decision on who fits your project requirements. You can discuss on the phone if they take on projects of your size, are they willing to provide financial references from suppliers or banks, can they give you a list of previous clients, how many other projects would they have going at the same time, etc. Their response to any of these questions will open up to you the contractor’s availability and reliability.

  1. Have the General Contractor produce a project list showing similar projects to yours.

Now that you’ve your chosen list, ask the general contractor to produce a project list of similar projects carried out. This will help you determine further if you are on track with the right GC.

  1. Have the GC provide references that are current and can be contacted to verify.

The next step is to have the general contractor provide you references. After which you can then initiate a call to those clients to find how their project went and ask to see the finished product if desired.

  1. Ask for currently permitted project listing. Then ask for project owners and call to discuss GC performance.

Get a list of current ongoing projects and initiate with the client for a job site to see for yourself how this contractor works. Does the GC work ethics and patterns fit your needs after your visit & observations?

  1. Have a face to face meeting with the General Contractor to discuss your project.

A contractor should be able to answer your inquiries adequately and in a manner that puts you at comfort. The initial phone call and researches you had made is just the preamble stage, and the next very important stage is initiating a face to face meeting. This will help both of you discuss further details and needs, and also with regards to contract paper signing.

  1. Consider hiring the General Contractor early in the design process as your partner to assist in reducing cost and delays.


Remember to also check in with your state’s consumer protection regulatory agency and your local Business Bureau to ensure GC doesn’t have a record of disputes with clients.

Hire the GC as early as your mind is made up to work with him/her and draw up a contract that details every step of the project: payment schedule; proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation; a start date and projected conclusion date; specific materials and products to be used. Insist on a clear contract, so that the project will be successfully insured.