Here at Vision Three Sixty, we know the key to successful projects lies in the meticulous planning of details before construction begins. We understand how stressful the prospect of building any commercial building can be, and that is why our preconstruction services are designed to assist with handling as many of those details for you as we possibly can.

Our preconstruction services include: cost estimates, scope of work, budgeting, planning/scheduling, design/build, and more. We believe in supporting our clients through the entire process, and we will do everything in our power to develop your project to suite your needs and meet your budget requirements. As no two buildings are ever exactly alike, and a healthcare facility will clearly have different requirements from a retail establishment, we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of the client and his or her end goal. This tailored approach allows us to provide you with higher quality service.

With preconstruction services, Vision Three Sixty effectively gets to “build” your project on paper before we ever start physical on-site construction. This allows us to see potential roadblocks before they happen – saving you time and money down the line. For instance, if a material thought to be best suited for the job ends up being too expensive, or not the best option, our team can re-think that approach with a more cost effective option before any actual purchases have been made. Our team will help you see the most long-term cost effective options, so you can control lifetime operational costs well after your establishment is open to the public for service.

To learn more about our preconstruction services and how they can set your commercial building project up for success, contact us today!

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