Tenant Improvements

Not all construction companies are built alike – and if your building requires work while tenants are inside it, you need to work with a construction company that knows and understands the requirements associated with that. Not only does the work need to be done at the same, if not higher quality as if the building were empty, but the work must also be completed in a way that does not endanger tenant safety. This is a delicate balance that many construction companies just cannot achieve.

What are Tenant Improvements?
Tenant improvements are any changes to a commercial or industrial building the owner makes to better suite the needs of the tenant. This includes but it is not limited to: heating and air systems, wall coverings, floor coverings, security, fire protection, ceilings, and more. Typically, the cost sharing ratio for these repairs and upgrades is determined in the lease agreement in place between the building owner and the tenant. Some repairs and upgrades may be the full responsibility of the tenant, while others may be the full responsibility of the owner, and yet others may be split between both the tenant and the owner.

When Vision Three-Sixty handles tenant improvements, our clients can rest assured knowing that we will do whatever it takes to get the job done in such a way that will not disrupt the tenant. We will work quickly, efficiently, and most importantly cleanly and safely, to ensure the repairs and/or upgrades are completed in a timely manner. If necessary, we will work hours that keep the business from being disrupted while open to the public.

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